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Allied health professions are clinical Health Care professionals distinct from the Medical, Dental and Nursing. As the name implies, they are allies ina HealthCare Team, working together to deliver high quality patient care services.
Due to increase in the need for expertly trained health care delivery personnel. These experts have to posses a strong scientific foundation on whihch the technology resolves and be able to perform at a much higher level of skills that is not easily available.
When considering a person's health in general, there are many factors that must be taken into account. The most effective way to do this is to view the person as a whole being and work with the whole person, not just an individual part, such as an organ, a muscle or a bone, for example.
There are, I'm completely sure many eternal health concepts that come into play when regarding a person's physical state of well being. While considering the many possibilities that exist, we often find that the mind plays a much greater role in determining much of how a person's physical state will be in terms of well being or sickness. Much more research is necessary to find and solidify answers.
Sri Ramachandra University focused on this issue of the tremendous need for such expert technologists in the various fields and came up with idea of starting the Allied Health Science Course in the year 1995.

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